Custom Templates June 1, 2023

Report Template for FinTech Company

In the fast-paced world of FinTech, accurate and visually compelling financial reporting is paramount. A recent collaboration with a client from this industry prompted to craft a tailored solution that would not only meet their stringent requirements but also redefine the way financial data is presented.

The Challenge

With backgrounds in rich shades of blue symbolizing trust and stability, the template needed to encompass a range of crucial data, including budget overviews, balance sheets, revenue and expenditure insights, break-even analyses, and cash flow projections. A dynamic challenge indeed, but one was poised to conquer.

The Solution

Our team of dedicated presentation designers joined forces with the client’s financial experts to create a PowerPoint template that exceeded expectations. The template showcased intricate infographics seamlessly intertwined with editable key numbers. Each slide was not just a static visual but a gateway to a deeper understanding. The integration of links to the client’s ERP system enabled viewers to access more detailed information.

The Result

The financial report template redefined how data is presented and consumed. Stakeholders and decision-makers alike found themselves empowered by the visually engaging infographics that illuminated complex figures and trends. Our journey with this client serves as a testament to our commitment to innovation, design excellence, and transforming how information is conveyed.

As we continue to pioneer new ways of presenting information, the success story of this collaboration remains a cornerstone, inspiring us to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create designs that shape the future.


To create an easy-to-read financial report PowerPoint template

  • Design

    Editable infographics

  • Client


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