Animated Presentation for Service Titan

We recently partnered with Service Titan to craft a visually stunning showcase of implementing software solutions in Formula 1 racing teams. Using PowerPoint’s morph transitions and complex animations, our expert touch brought the slides to life. But we didn’t stop there. We went above and beyond by adding an interactive roadmap on the side. This innovative feature kept the audience informed about the different phases of the presentation.

The result? A spellbinding experience that left attendees captivated. Our seamless transitions and dynamic visuals showcased the potential of Service Titan’s software solutions, sparking inspiration and meaningful discussions among the audience. Unlock the full potential of animated storytelling with Slideograph. Contact us now to take your presentations to new heights!

P.S. We replaced the original texts with dummy ones.


Redesign and animate the existing deck

  • Design

    White and black with official Formula 1 fonts

  • Client

    Service Titan

  • Software


  • No of Slides



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